REACT Humanitarian Network works tirelessly to help disabled children turn disabilities into abilities by  ensuring that education is accessible to all regardless of geographical location. Our intervention schemes are designed to conform to UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)

We also offer scholarship schemes for the most deprived but brilliant children. 

This we hope will ensure that every disabled child in Ghana by 2030 will be "functionally literate and productive" 

Our Aims

Make Education Accessible to Disabled Children in Ghana Regardless of Age, Health, Financial Hardship, or Other Disadvantages – in Line with UN Millennium Development Goals

  • Make Education a Form of Social Protection for Disabled Children
  • Provide a Safety Net Against Disabled Children’s Vulnerability to Potential Social Shocks
  • Provide Disabled Children with the Opportunity to Fulfil Their Potential

Our Objectives

  • To Reach 16,000 Disabled Children by 2030
  • To Complement Local Communities’ Efforts by Rebuilding Local Capacities, Supporting Disabled Children’s Education
  • To Provide Educational Materials for Disabled Children, as Well as Scholarship Schemes for the Most Disadvantaged

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