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“Better later than never”  so the saying goes and REACT is back with our Schools’ Book Support project after some logistical challenges thanks to Adom Shipping Logistics Limited (ASLL).

This time, Swindon Ghanaian Society (SGS) took center stage nominating Ada Foah Presbyterian Junior High school and Korlekope District Assembly Basic Schools as beneficiaries. SGS which is an HMRC Community-registered charitable  association of Ghanaians in Swindon and its surrounding counties undertakes various community impact support projects both in the UK and Ghana in support of some of society’s most vulnerable.

Reflecting on the donations, SGS’s Financial Secretary, Alex Nunoo, said, SGS aims to support all things charitable in Ghana and therefore it was a joy to have partnered with REACT to support the two schools. Alex said the donations represents SGS’ contribution towards resourcing the libraries of the two schools and hope it will empower the young minds to explore new ideas and expand their horizons through reading. Alex hopes the books will also help bridge the gap between the most resourced and under-resourced  schools in Ghana and ensure that all children regardless of background have access to quality reading  books  to enhance their education, provide guaranteed opportunities and break generational limitations common in Ghanaian educational system.  

REACT’s CEO, Prince Osei Akowuah who is also an SGS member, said SGS’s vision aligns very well with some of REACT’s  core  objectives and welcomes the nominations. Prince said, REACT will continue to partner with all like-minded groups like SGS to explore sustainable ways of supporting some of society's most vulnerable in Ghana.

Pictures & video Courtesy: Alex Nunoo

Story by Prince Osei Akowuah


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