REACT has recently redesigned our existing tricycle model to meet the needs of one of our beneficiary, Vicentia Adjeyley Adasu.  The modification is the result of monitoring and evaluation of our previous designs which have been in use since 2018. The new model has an easily detachable front end and converts the wheelchair into a study desk. It also has a commode under seat, is noticeably light in weight but robust and durable.   REACT’s CEO Prince Osei Akowuah suggested our organisation will continue to  monitor the usefulness of this to Vicentia and intends to role the model out to cover the extensive needs of most of our beneficiaries. Prince urged individuals and businesses to financially support  to mass produce them as they become popular among disabled children particularly those with strength in their upper bodies.


REACT met Vicentia in 2017 who was then confined to her home indoors for most of her entire life. However, over the years, we have supported her with clothes, hygiene product quarterly, wheelchair and ultimately enrolled her into a school for the first time in 2018. To sustain her interest in school we covered her school feeding cost over the years and constructed ramp in front of her school block to make it easily  accessible. She continues her educational journey and has been socializing very well according to her teachers in spite of the challenges in the Ghanaian educational system.


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