SAGE publications, a leading International provider of innovative high-quality content publishing has donated £2000 to support  REACT’s project.

Commenting on the donation, a Patron and the leader of REACT’s Credibility Team Mr Wisdom Bessie Dente said REACT is indeed thrilled for this cash injection as it is undoubtedly a great boost to our Credibility. 

Wisdom was hopeful that this marks the beginning of regular Resourcing and effective Networking between REACT and other potential credible organisations. Nonetheless, Wisdom highlighted that going forward, we have great hopes and indeed, high expectations for the REACT community, particularly as we anticipate a time when we may be in the position to raise more resources from many goodwill sources so that we can be able to reach out to more beneficiaries not only in Ghana butelsewhere that out services may be needed. He commended everyone involved in making the donation happen and encouraged Trustees to continue with their absolute commitment and dedication in other to realise the REACT dream.


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