REACT Humanitarian Network


On this day 3rd December 2016 REACT Humanitarian Network was born with the primary

focus to help “Turn Disability into Ability Through Education.”

Our mandate which emanated from our core values signifies our  approach to enhance the quality

of life of disabled children surviving in some  of the toughest of environments. Over the past 3 years

we have strived to; 

  • R-elieve disabled children of stigma
  • E-ducate them in the process
  • A-dvanced their well-being 
  • C-ater for their specific needs, and ultimately helped:
  • T-urn disability into ability through education.
This incessant achievement has come about with the assistance of all our supporters who have
shown unfettered kindness and love not just to our vision but vitally to the most vulnerable children

we support. On this day of our birth which also coincides with the UN special day for person with 

disabilities, I would like to express our sincere gratitude to you all especially, SAGE

Publishing Limited, Usborne Books UK, INGRAM Micro UK, OFIE-direct Door-to-door
UK shipping, Steve Designs and production Ghana and Big Yellow Self Storage
Oxford. You really have made an invaluable difference to our cause. We therefore hope over the next

chapter of our journey into the known that we will continue to foster a formidable partnership

as we pursue a common goal.

To all the children we support we also want to use this special day to renew our commitment to you and
assure you of our unfettered support. We do acknowledge that in your world “dreams are universal but
opportunity is not” and therefore we will continue to work hard over the years ahead to make available

opportunities which will help you realise your dreams and fulfil your full potential. Consequently,

we believe the effort will also provide a safety net against your vulnerabilities to possible social shocks.
Birthdays are celebrated in most circumstances with well wishes from families, loved ones and presents

of all kinds intended to encourage one to age with “grace and strength” to face the challenges of the

ensuing years. However on this occasion, although REACT still encourages the usual traditional expressions

of love, we would like to make a plea for change of mindset with the way societies make provisions for children

with disabilities worldwide particularly in less developed world like Ghana.

Disability is not a crime and so disabled children should not be subjected to such inhumane treatment which often

ridiculed them, make them hopeless, worthless and considered as social outcast. 

It’s REACT’s plea that all our supporters and yet to be sympathisers joins hands with us to advocate for Ghana to

make education easily accessible to all disabled children regardless of geographical location, gender, race, ethnicity

or disability type. The challenges of the disabled child in Ghana are huge and REACT is not claiming to resolve them

all. However we believe education is the best legacy Ghana can bequeath her disabled children as “it will act as a lasting

enabler” in whatever circumstances. REACT will continue to compliment government efforts at ensuring free quality

education for all children in Ghana especially the disabled. 

Let’s all become tolerant citizen Journalists as we make good use of technology to advocate for the educational

wellbeing of disabled children. After all, It is society that needs to adapt to accommodate the

educational needs of disabled children and not vice versa. We should also understand that today’s negligence
will be tomorrow’s tough nuts to crack.

Please remember that we are all stakeholder in this journey as the consequences of inaction towards
efforts aimed at universal social inclusion for all, affect us in diverse ways regardless.

Long live REACT, the vision and passion.

Thank you

Prince Osei Akowuah

Founder & Director Tel.(+44) 1235244801



Wonderful peace, a journey into the known indeed.

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