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4-year-old Christian Nartey could not hide his delight for the opportunity to start school for the first time by kind courtesy of REACT with support from SAGE Publishing.

REACT first met Christian in 2016 when he struggled to stand and walk due to deformities in both legs. His mother said because of his condition mainstream school would not admit him due to his special needs. We assisted him in our own small ways with clothes and toys to keep him going but assured his mother that we will keep to our determination to help him access school irrespective of the challenges. Over the months REACT has kept touch with his family to monitor his progress and credit to the parent they have sought for various medical support for Christian and he can now stand and is slightly mobile unaided. With support from parents we found a local school ready to admit him. REACT therefore paid for brand new pairs of school uniforms, admission and school fees for 1-year subject to review, feeding fee for two terms and the entire cost of his prospectus. Christian has since joyfully started school and is settling in quite well. 

Pictures by Stephen K Yeboah


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