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PROFILE: Kofi Owusu Agyeman is a father of two and Ghanaian by birth but residence in the UK. Kofi currently works as a supply specialist with the UK Ministry of Defence and is attached to the 9th Regiment in Chippenham. He has been a soldier for seven years. As a soldier Kofi has tour experiences in Afghanistan, Kenya, Gibraltar and Canada. Whiles in Ghana Kofi qualified as a teacher and holds a 3-year Cert A in the field. He taught at the junior secondary level in Ghana for two years. He has an unquestionable passion

and experience in handling children which has been useful to REACT in our path finding missions in Ghana. Kofi is a highly productive and result-oriented individual. He is confident, enthusiastic and has the ability to work under pressure in any given environment. These skills are what Kofi believes can help to relieve disabled children of their vulnerabilities.



03/08/2020 by Anthonia

Urgently contact me soonest. Checking if you are related to Richard Owusu Agyeman of UNDP. Please call +233244273434. - Anthonia. Standing by. .

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