Nyamadi is a Civil engineer with experience in project management, site engineering,
construction and the supply chain. He is currently, working with Skanska UK Ltd
on a partnership contract with Oxfordshire County Council on project schemes
such as new bridge designs and major carriageway redevelopments.

Nyamadi’s desire in humanitarian works stems from the awareness that our ‘motherland’
Ghana is neither implementing nor incorporating requirements of the Adopted British Standards into majority
of the nation’s infrastructure development projects to facilitate mobility of
the disabled or disadvantage persons in society.

This, Nyamadi insist is preventing people less privileged or with disability easy access to key
areas of life such as education, training, employment, transport services and
health institutions. Nyamadi believes most of Ghana’s infrastructures such as lifts and footbridges

have not been designed for disability access and do not have accessible ramps
at appropriate gradients or slopes for wheel chair users.

As a professional Nyamadi believes that ‘WE’ can help encourage our government and
other institutions to implement relevant design standards and codes of
practices to our infrastructure designs that would support and cater for all
people with disability in our community as well as promoting the welfare of others.

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